Calling all music lovers and headbangers! Are you ready to crank up the volume and prove your musical expertise? Then strap yourselves in for our Rockin’ Music Bands Quiz Round, guaranteed to get your brains buzzing and your feet tapping!

So grab your air guitar, dust off your vinyl collection, and get ready to rock! This round is all about celebrating the bands that make our hearts beat faster and our feet move. Whether you’re a die-hard metalhead or a casual pop enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in this musical smorgasbord.

Let’s get this music quiz party started!

Rock on!

Music Bands Trivia Quiz

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Which Irish band released the hit song "Flying Without Wings" in 1999?

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Who is the lead singer of Coldplay?

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Wayna and Nathan Morris were members of which 1990s band?

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Matt Goss, Luke Goss and Craig Logan made up which band?

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Which British pop group released their debut single "All Rise" in 2001?

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Which seminal British band released the album "Parklife" in 1994?

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Carl and the Passions changed band name to what?

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Which English band released the album "Hot Fuss" in 2004.

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Which country is the band AC/DC from?

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Which rock band was behind The Dark Side of the Moon?

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Which indie rock band formed in Sheffield in 2002 consists of Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders and Nick O’Malley?

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Phil Collins was formerly the drummer with which group?

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Which rock band are James, Lars, Ron and Dave in?

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What boy band included Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez?

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What was the name of the band Lionel Richie was a part of?

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The British band One Direction (rip) was made up of Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and…

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Who sang the theme song for Friends?

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Which British rock band released the album "Parachutes" in 2000?

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Whose band was The Quarrymen?

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Gary and Martin Kemp were in what band?

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What band was Harry Styles in before his solo career?

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Which boyband sings the song “I Want It That Way”?