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Food and Drink TRivia Quiz

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Petroselinum crispum is the Latin name of which herb?

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Which country has the most Michelin starred restaurants?

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What food can people use to make dynamite?

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Which of the following countries is the largest producer of honey in the world?

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When was Diet Coke introduced in the United States?

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What type of pasta translates into English as 'little worms'?

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What is the name of the scale used to measure spiciness of peppers?

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What was the very first soda to be consumed in space?

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A block of neapolitan ice cream usually consists of strawberry, vanilla and what other flavour?

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Which fruit of the following variety of: Golden delicious, Gala and Granny Smith?

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Which is the only food that cannot go off – and can actually last forever?

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Which of the following is NOT scientifically considered a fruit?

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What is the rarest M&M colour?

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What is Bombay Duck’s main ingredient? 

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What is the most eaten food in the world being the main food for half the population of the world?

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What type of pastry is used for profiteroles?

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What are the top two most exported spices used in the world?

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The world's hottest chili pepper is:

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What colour is used to describe a steak that has been cooked extra rare?

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Which country consumes the most chocolate?

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What country is known for the invention of chocolate?

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Which country has the most number of vegetarian citizens?

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What number is found in reference to their varieties on Heinz products?

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How many wings does a honeybee have?

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Which country grows the most fruit?