Calling all Hollywood hotshots, music mavericks, and reality royalty! Gear up for a dazzling Celebrities Trivia Quiz that’ll leave your brain cells begging for an autograph. It’s time to prove you’re not just a stargazer, but a full-fledged A-List sleuth.

This is a paparazzi-worthy showdown where only the true fans will walk away with bragging rights (and maybe a quiz trophy with some serious bling). So polish your shades, dust off your encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity gossip, and get ready to flash your brilliance under the quiz spotlight!

Ready, set, QUIZ!

Celebrities Quiz

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Which pop star is known for her unique fashion sense and hit songs like "Born This Way" and "Poker Face"?

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Which celebrity has perfumes called Heat and Pulse?

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Norway banned which music artist from the country in 2012?

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In which country did Posh and Becks marry?

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Which country has Miley Cyrus been banned from entering in 2020?

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What is the real name of the musician known professionally as "Snoop Dogg"?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was married to a member of what famous US political family?

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Who won both an Oscar and a Razzie award in 2010?

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Sri Lanka banned which music artist from the country in 2010?

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Indonesia banned which celebrity from entering the country?

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Which Hollywood legend famously starred in both "Casablanca" and "Blade Runner"?

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Who did Tom Cruise marry in 2006?

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What is the name of Elton John's husband?

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What part of actor Julia Roberts body is insured for $30 million?

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Which country was actor Keanu Reeves born in?

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Which celebrity couple famously broke up in 2023, prompting countless headlines and internet meltdowns?

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Which celebrity couple famously met on the set of the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in 2004?

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What is the middle name of David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper?

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Where is actor Natalie Portman from?

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Which celebrity said: ‘I love the smell of diapers’?

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