Test your guts and brains with our Human Body Trivia Quiz! Are you ready to put your knowledge of the human body to the ultimate test?

Then grab your thinking caps and your thirstiest teammates, because the Human Body Trivia Quiz is here to blow your mind (and maybe even win you a round!)

No prior medical degree required! This quiz is all about having fun and flexing your fascinating facts about the incredible machine that is the human body.

Let’s Get Quizzing!

Human Body Trivia Quiz

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Where in the human body do you find the protein keratin?

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What is the rarest blood type?

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What is the strongest muscle in the human body?

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A deficiency of which vitamin can cause scurvy?

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In which part of your body would you find the cruciate ligament?

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As an adult, how many teeth should you have in your mouth?

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How many bones are there in an adult human body?

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Glossectomy is the removal of all of or part of which body part?

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What is the scientific name for the kneecap?

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Hepatitis affects which organ of the body?

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What part of the human body can expand 20 times its normal size?

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How many bones do we have in an ear?

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What is your heart the size of?

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Which part of the body is most sensitive to radiation?

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Where in your body is your patella?

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What is the anatomical name for the big toe??

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How many traditional senses does a human have?

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If a doctor says you have ecchymosis what have you got?

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On average, which grows faster: Fingernails or toenails? 

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Which chamber of the heart pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs?

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Which organ is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level?

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