Calling all tinkerers, tech fiends, and history buffs! Gear up for the All About Inventions quiz round, where the sparks of human ingenuity fly and forgotten contraptions rise from the dusty annals of time.

Think you know your steam engines from your smartphones, your printing presses from your penicillin? We’ll be testing your knowledge on life-changing gadgets, groundbreaking gizmos, and the “what were they thinking?” inventions that make you chuckle and scratch your head. .

So, dust off your thinking caps, unleash your inner inventor, and prepare to battle it out for the title of Invention Superstar! Let the creativity flow, let the knowledge bubble over, and prepare for a journey into the fascinating world of human invention!

Inventions Trivia Quiz

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Who is the inventor of the Windows operating system?

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Where were Venetian blinds invented?

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Which scientist invented penicillin?

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Who is credited with inventing the World Wide Web?

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In which ancient civilization were scissors invented?

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In what country was the Caesar salad invented?

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Which company invented the first electric car?

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What did Charles Babbage famously invent?

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Where was tea invented?

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Where were French fries invented?

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Who invented the television?

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In which country were cuckoo clocks invented?

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Who invented the computer?

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In which country was the game of chess invented?

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Who is generally considered the inventor of the motor car?

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What country is known for the invention of chocolate?

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Velcro was invented in which country in 1957?

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Who invented the bikini?

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Harold H Lipman received a patent in 1858 for what invention?