Welcome, trivia enthusiasts to a journey back in time with our 2010s Trivia Quiz! The 2010s were a decade filled with iconic moments, groundbreaking innovations, and unforgettable pop culture phenomena. From viral dance crazes to blockbuster movies and game-changing technologies, the 2010s had it all.

To celebrate the magic of this transformative decade, we’ve crafted the ultimate 2010s Trivia Quiz that will challenge your memory and take you on a nostalgic ride down memory lane. So, grab your virtual thinking caps, buckle up, and let’s dive into the quiz that will test how well you remember the defining moments of the past!

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Remember, the 2010s may be over, but the memories live on. Take the quiz now and relive the magic!

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2010s Trivia Quiz

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Category: TV Series - Stranger Things

Which streaming service released the original series "Stranger Things" in 2016?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Who played the young Bilbo Baggins in the 2012 film ‘The Hobbit – an Unexpected Journey’?

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Category: The Internet

What was the most downloaded app of the 2010s?

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Category: Movies - Academy Awards

Which film won the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the 2014 Academy Awards?

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Category: U.S. Presidents

Which controversial political figure won the U.S. presidential election in 2016?

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Category: Eurovision

Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014?

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Category: Music - Name the Singer

Which British singer-songwriter released the hit single "Someone like You" in 2011?

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Category: Literature

Who penned the 2018 autobiography "Becoming"?

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Category: Entertainment - Celebrities

Sri Lanka banned which music artist from the country in 2010?

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Category: Tennis

What Scottish tennis player won the Wimbledon Championships in 2013, becoming the first British man to do so since 1936?

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Category: Football

Which country won the UEFA European Championship in 2016?

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Category: British Trivia

Which event took place in London in 2012, attracting athletes from around the world?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Which superhero film was the highest-grossing of the 2010s?

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Category: Entertainment - Superheros

Which superhero, with the alter ego Wade Wilson and the powers of accelerated healing, was played by Ryan Reynolds in a 2016 film of the same name?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Which husband-wife duo starred in 2018 horror film A Quiet Place?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Which Kardashian makes a cameo appearance in 2018 movie ‘Ocean’s 8’?

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Category: Science - The Solar System

In 2012, the world witnessed the landing of a rover named Curiosity on which planet?

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Category: British Politics

In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum commonly known as:

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Category: Entertainment - Disney

Which Disney Princess did Lily James portray in a 2015 live action-remake?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Which British actress portrayed Margaret Thatcher in the 2011 film "The Iron Lady"?

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Category: British Politics

In 2015, which political figure became the leader of the Labour Party in the UK?

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Category: Entertainment - Celebrities

Who won both an Oscar and a Razzie award in 2010?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Which deceased high street chain was temporarily revived in 2018, as a publicity stunt for Deadpool 2?

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Category: Tennis

Who won the Men's Singles title at Wimbledon in 2010?

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Category: Music 2010s

Which South Korean pop group gained international acclaim with their hit single "Gangnam Style" in 2012?

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Category: Movie Directors

Who directed the 2017 film Get Out?

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Category: The Olympic Games

How old was Chloe Kim when she won a Winter Olympics gold medal in 2018?

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Category: Movies - 2010s

Which 2014 Seth Rogan film caused the North Korean government to threaten action against the United States?

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Category: British Politics

In 2019, Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. What political party does he belong to?

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Category: Music - Name the Singer

Which American singer stars as ‘Ally’ in the 2018 film ‘A Star is Born’?

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