Calling all Quahog connoisseurs and Griffins fanatics! Brace yourselves for a trip to the most dysfunctional family in animated history with our Family Guy Trivia Quiz!

So, dust off your “Giggity Giggity Goo”s, polish your Stewie-style evil laugh, and prepare to battle it out for the title of Quizzing’s Griffin Champion!

Remember, in Quahog, chaos reigns supreme, and only the truest fans can navigate the madness and emerge victorious. Now, let the quizzing commence, and may the odds be ever in your favor (unless you’re Lois, then they’re definitely not).

Family Guy Trivia Quiz

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When Peter finds out his house isn't part of the United States, what does he name his property?

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In what fictional city is Family Guy set?

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What are the name of Peter and Lois's 3 children in Family Guy?

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Who is the mayor of Quahog?

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On what network did the animated comedy series Family Guy air?

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What reality TV show does Brian go on in Family Guy?

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What is the name of Stewie's teddy bear?

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On the TV show 'Family Guy', what is Stewie Griggin's middle name?

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On the TV show 'Family Guy', what is Joe Swanson's wife called?

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Who burned The Drunken Clam to the ground?

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As of January 2024, how many seasons of Family Guy have there been?

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How many episodes were in Season 1 of Family Guy?

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In what country does Peter's real father live?

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Who is the only blonde in the Griffin family?

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What is Brian's mother's name?

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In what year did Family guy first air?

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At Stewie’s playschool graduation, which family member is scouted to be a model?

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On the TV show 'Family Guy', what is the profession of Glenn Quagmire?

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In Family Guy, What is Peter's all-time favorite song?

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Which Family Guy character is a police officer?

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