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Bradley Walsh Trivia Quiz

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In which long-running British soap opera did Bradley Walsh play the character Danny Baldwin?

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In the TV series "Doctor Who," Bradley Walsh's character, Graham O'Brien, travels through time and space with which Doctor?

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What is the first name of Bradley Walsh's wife?

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Bradley Walsh played the role of Graham O'Brien in which popular science fiction TV series?

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Before his entertainment career, Bradley Walsh had a successful career in which sport?

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What football team does Bradley Walsh support?

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Which Nolan sister did Bradley Walsh once date?

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Which holiday camp did Bradley work at early on in his career?

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What is Bradley Walsh best known for?

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Bradley Walsh has been the host of which popular UK game show since 2009?

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Where was Bradley Walsh born?

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Bradley Walsh released an album in 2016 featuring covers of classic songs. What is the title of the album?

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What is the name of Bradley Walsh's son, who also works in the entertainment industry and has starred in Casualty?

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Bradley Walsh played the character Ronnie Brooks in which British TV legal drama series?

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What year was Bradley Walsh born?

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